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About Us

In 1978, Steve Demko Sr. established Fashion Graphics in the garage of his residential home in Fountain Valley, Ca. With a single, six screen manual press and a small dryer, Steve was now committed to the garment fashion industry. Through persistance and determination, Steve began to establish clients in the local surrounding areas throughout Orange County.

Within a short period of time, the demand for Fashion Graphics dependable service and quality of work grew along with the need for a larger location to facilitate the ever growing list of clients. Steve then moved Fashion Graphics to a small warehouse in Santa Ana, Ca.

In the early nineties after graduating from High School, Steve Sr. brought his son, Steve Jr. on board to help and learn the trade. Steve Jr. learned every aspect of running the shop and developed the skills to help Fashion Graphics continue to produce a high level of quality work that his father made Fashion Graphics known for. In an industry of ever changing technology, Steve Jr. has always been ahead of the game, staying on top of the latest in innovative equipment and cutting edge printing techniques.

Today with Steve Jr. running the operations, the Demko family have built Fashion Graphics into one of Southern California's leading screen printing company in the Garment industry. Today, Fashion Graphics resides in a 30,000 square foot warehouse in Fountain Valley, Ca. and continues to produce the same high level of quality work and dependable service that they have always been known for throughout the industry.

What we do 

Specialty Inks


Fashion Graphics has 3 EZE- Equipment sampling machines with Tri-Loc Registration


Fashion Graphics LLC has the following:

2 - Cobras - ( 14 Color )

3 - Challenger II - ( 18 Color )

2 - Challenger II - ( 18 Color )

1 - Challenger II ( 16 Color )

1 - Sportsman ( 10 )

4 - DS4000 Fashion Fusion Hybrid Machines

2 - Fashion Folding Machines

2 - Insta Dual Saddle Transfer Machines

3 - EZE-Equipment Sampling Machines with Tri-Loc registration

5 - Rapid Tag Presses

1 - Evo-Tex Reclaiming Machine

packaging and distrubution


Fashion Graphics currently has 12,000 sq ft. for holding and managing all of your inventory needs.

retail partners

Our Hybrid machines prints full color CMYK prints on screen printed underbase providing a maximum print area of 40 cm x 48 cm (16" x 19").

Fast set up with minimal screens and no pretreatment.  Our Fusion inks are compatible with specially-formulated high-solids acrylic (HSA) inks.

Give your design a raised puffed up texture with our specialty puff inks. Adding puff additive to our regular plastisol inks, we can help you achieve a puff feel with any color.

Visually enhance your design with our metallic, shimmer, and glitter inks. These specialty inks will provide a great sparkle finish to your garment.

Water-based inks consist of dye pigments with a water solvent. This ink system is a great alternative for a desired vintage "soft hand" feel.

We offer and specialize in quality custom screen printing services to meet your specifications. We provide many different types of inks and printing techniques that includes Foil,High Density, High Solid Water Base - HSW, Discharge inks.